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Machine : Futura

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the most versatile dyeing machine of the market

This long shape dyeing machine is the most versatile dyeing machine of the market. FUTURA allows to dye from light knits of 60gr/m2 up to heavy upholstery fabrics of 1 000g/ml.
Futura licence Gaston County

Machine Range:
FUTURA FHT1 : 1 tube
FUTURA FHT2 : 2 tubes
FUTURA FHT3 : 3 tubes
FUTURA FHT4 : 4 tubes

Standard version is 8m long tube for a capacity around 180 kg per tube depending on fabric and process.

Many other versions are available from 6m long up to 20 m long machines.

The most popular are 8 m, 9 m, 10 m, 11 m, 12 m long machines

The loading capacity depends of the tube length from 100 kg up to 300 kg per tube.

Two same machines of same length can be coupled.

In a 2 tubes machines, it is possible to isolate one tube,
and so to dye same colour either in one tube or in 2 tubes.

All these machines versions increase the versatility of this machine.

FUTURA can be controled by main controlers of the market,
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